Location number 3 is now confirmed and will be Philippines!
We fly out from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu on the 16th of April and plan to visit a few different islands in the Philippines over the period of a month.

So far on our agenda are: Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, Siargao, Palawan, El Nido and Coron. We are super excited to see the palm trees, eat mangoes and do some island hopping. It does seem like a big logistical task to plan this trip though, so as soon as we have it all figured out I’ll make sure to write it all down to help your future plans too! 


Location number 2 is now confirmed and will be Malaysia!
We fly out from Bali to Kuala Lumpur on the 16th of March and plan to stay for about a month.

Have you been there and have some awesome recommendations for us? Anything from restaurants, bars, apartment rentals, instagrammable places will be very useful. You can just send me your links to your blogs or videos in the comments below. I love getting inspired by fellow travelers!


We now rented out our apartment for 6 months (starting 17th january) and are one step closer to making this dream of moving to Asia a reality! We’ve lived in our place for almost 3 years now, so it feels very strange to leave it to someone else and store our stuff when the time comes.

My last working day is 21.12 and we plan on spending the Christmas holidays with Mike’s family in Malmö. We will then probably come back to Gothenburg just before New Years Eve. This then gives us about 2-3 weeks to pack eveything. We aren’t too sure what we will do about our car yet, but it’s definitely not worth selling it.. Perhaps park it in a garage/yard of a relative? We will have to see!

The next steps are to book a place to live in Bali, in Canggu to start with. Then we also need to book a plane ticket out of Bali, since we will be getting the Visa on Arrival, which allows us to stay in the country for 2 months. At the moment we are thinking of going to Kuala Lumpur after Bali. We also need to get a travel insurance and need to research the different providers a bit.

That’s our plans at the moment! We are not too keen on ‘planning’ everything when it comes to what we will be doing once we are there, we really want to take it as it comes. Our lives are already too planned out, so we wanted this experience to be all about relaxing from that!



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