30. I still can’t believe it! As any other 30 year old would say: it came too early! Or perhaps thats just me. In any case, my greys are emerging and I battle tiredness like a toddler just before nap time. 

I had such a great day celebrating my birthday though! My parents came all the way from Slovenia to Bali to celebrate with me (and Mike) and it seriously made me so happy. They are just the best mom and dad a girl could wish for!

We started the day off by heading to Crate Cafe (one of my Canggu favorites) for a smoothie bowl breakfast.


After breakfast we packed our overnight bags and headed to a cute bungalow in the midst of Canggu ricefields, where we would spend the day hanging out, playing Yatzy and of course eat cake!

When the evening came, we headed to Fabrica for a dinner and to La Brisa for a few beers. I had a really great time and even though I’ve been a little anxious about getting to that 3-, the next day didn’t feel different at all.

So hello 30s!