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In this article I will show you the villas we stayed in at Fushifaru and hope it will help you with your decision when, and if, you decide to book your stay here. We decided to book a ‘Pool Beach Villa Sunset’, which is where we stayed for 5 nights. We picked this villa because of it’s direct beach access, the private pool and the amazing outdoor bathroom. The big plus on the sunset side is also that you get sun pretty much all day long. We also spent 1 night in the ‘Water Villa’, which was a complimentary upgarde for Mike’s birthday.

We payed for this stay ourselves and while Maldives are not a cheap destination, Fushifaru is worth every single penny. You are bound to have an unforgettable experience here!

Pool Beach Villa Sunset, no. 206

Sunset pool villa from above, ours was 6th from left.
When entering the room you see a spacious room and huge bed
The main entrance on the right and bathroom entrance right behind the bed. On the left is the closet and big mirror.
Mini bar and coffee/tea maker
Beautiful high ceiling
Reading/relax corner
Entrance to the bathroom
Spacious bathtub
Outdoor shower
Sink and mirror, with the covered shower behind
Sink and mirror, with the toilet behind
The villa from outside
Even though the room itself is incredible, we absolutely loved the bathroom and the private pool. The direct access to beach was also a great plus for the beach villa and is exactly what we wanted from our stay. We loved our room and would stay here again and again.

Overwater villa, 402

Since it was Mike’s birthday during our stay at Fushifaru I had already planned a couple of special things for him. But the staff then made our stay (and his birthday) even more special, by surprising us with a complimentary 1-night upgrade to the water villa. After an amazing dinner, I received the keycard in secret and surprised Mike by taking him to the new room, after our walk by the beach and an amazing performance by a Maldivian musician. Some of the below pictures are from when we entered the room in the evening and the rest from early morning.
Our villa was second from left.
When we came into the room we were pleasently surprised by the amazing bed and bathtub ‘art’. I call it art since it took two housekeeping men an hour to make it look like this. So impressive!
We had a great night’s sleep in the water villa and we even left the window slightly open to listen to the sea’s soothing sounds to fall asleep to.
Bathroom from the deck
Fresh, warm morning
Jacuzzi before breakfast, why not!
Bear in mind Fushifaru has a few other villa options as well and while I wish we had the time (and money) to stay in everythig available, we are so happy for the choices we made. You are bound to love anything though, hard to complain when in paradise. I hope this article helped you make your pick!