The rolling chocolate hills, white sand beaches, mangroves, mahogany forests and tiny Tarsiers makes the island one of the most diverse islands you can expect to visit in the Philippines.

We spent 4 days in here and below you can read about the top 5 things to do in Bohol.

1. Visit the Chocolate Hills

As unnatural as they may seem, Chocolate Hills in Bohol are real, but not exactly chocolaty.Β  Shaped like hills, covered in grass (which browns in dry season) and stretching as far as eye can see. Even though they look soft as a cloud – they are actually hard and rice up to 120m in height. Many mysteries and tales have been told about these hills and the geologists have differing views about how these hills were formed. One plausible theory is that they are weathered formations of a marine limestone lying on top of an impenetrable clay base. Nonetheless, they are a great sight in Bohol and one that simply can’t be missed on this island!

Chocolate Hills Bohol
Chocolate Hills Bohol

2. See Tarsiers

A tarsier is a primate that belongs to a 45-million-year-old animal family called as Tarsiidae. Today, they are officially recognized as endangered species that are predominantly found in Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In Bohol we visited the Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary – the only place you should go to if you are curious to see these tiny bug-eyed mammals. Tarsiers don’t do well when in captivity since they can easily and quickly turn suicidal as they try to break free. Too much noise, sunlight, and physical contact from foreign things can also over-stress them, which may also leads to suicide. They are extremely cute and tiny and if you’re lucky to see one in real life you should be very happy – they are hard to spot! The volunteers spend every morning searching for them and then taking visitors to them during the day in a quiet, calm manner.

Tarsier Sanctuary Bohol
Tarsier Sanctuary Bohol

3. Panglao Beaches

Bohol is quite a hectic island and you will prefer staying in the calmer Panglao in the south of Bohol. Not only is this place rich with resorts, restaurants and things to do in the evening, it is the place to go to if you want white sandy beaches and undisturbed sunbathing. But don’t go to Alona beach, instead choose less busy options! Go a little higher up to Dumaluan, White and Libaong Beach.

Dumaluan beach
Dumaluan beach

4. Man-made Forest

Driving through man-made forest in Bohol is a truly mighty experience. Stretching up to two kilometers, the man-made forest is made up of red and white mahogany trees. Man-made forest was part of a bigger reforestation project that was created in response to the deforestation in the Loboc watershed. It’s conveniently located between the Tarsier Sanctuary and the Chocolate Hills.

Bohol Man-made Forest

5. Try the Local Delicacy

Alona Beach wasn’t a place we particularly enjoyed visiting, because there were way too many tourists! However, it was interesting to see how many sea urchin sellers there were there! For a true Filipino evening – get a sea urchin to eat and enjoy a massage on the beach.

Sea urchin seller
Alona Beach

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