Alpine Wonders


January 29th, 2019 | 0 comments

The clock strikes 5.00 and even though the ride to NW of Slovenia is dark and over an hour long from the capital city of Ljubljana, you’ll be happy you woke up early and took that coffee to-go.

Even though, for an average tourist, Lake Bled usually takes the spotlight, there are many other sights in Slovenia which are a must-see and can be done in less than a day with the right tour provider. In this post I will cover those I got to see with Altitude Activities, a young and aspiring company who took me off the beaten path to show me the ‘alpine wonders‘ of winter Slovenia.

The tour started with sunrise at Slovenia’s highest peak, Triglav, and continued through beautiful waterfalls, mountains and villages and ended with a sunset on Vrsic Pass.



There’s a saying in Slovenia that if you haven’t climbed Mt. Triglav, then you can’t pride yourself on being Slovenian. While I only have my passport to prove the latter, I am yet to prove it by climbing up this 2864m beauty and the highest peak in the country. But I might have to wait until summer for that one 😉

We drove from Bled towards Vrata Valley when it was still dark out, so the sunrise over Triglav was a first for me. The sky opened up and sun started shining through the clouds and onto the mountains. It was the perfect start of the day.

Sunrise over Triglav.


Pericnik Waterfall is a true winter wonder and even though I covered it a little more in depth HERE, it was the next destination on this adjusted winter wonders tour. The waterfall turns into a true icicle spectacle and is not to be missed on your adventures through winter Slovenia.


Planica, home to the worlds highest ski jumping centre and many world record setting jumps, was just getting ready for the season and we got to see it getting covered in snow.

Fun fact: Planica is also home to the steepest zip line descent in the world.


Even though technically we now made it to Italy, this lake is widely popular to drive to when you’re in the area as it’s so close to the Slovenian border. The lake is especially beautiful in the warmer months. You’ll see a little island in the middle and the entire lake surrounded by mountains and forest. Make sure you ask the guides about the legend of the lake, I thought it was a little familiar to a well known religious book 😉

Abandoned lead mine.

Lago del Predil.


The drive continued towards Slovenia again and up towards best views of Mangart. Mangart is one of the highest peaks of Slovenian Julian Alps and boasts with an elevation of 2,679 metres.

Shortest village in Slovenia.


After making it down a few hundred meters, we parked the car and started the 5 minute walk towards waterfall Virje. Even though this waterfall isn’t as majestic as a few others found in Slovenia, it is tranquil and perfect for a picnic. As many waterfalls don’t allow for swimming in Slovenia, this one is perfect for a summer soak. In winter, observing was a better idea 😉


After the visit to the waterfall we then started making our way back towards Bled. We drove across Vrsic Pass and saw the sun set behind the mountains. This was the perfect ending to the day and the tour of Slovenian Alpine Wonders.

Are you also interested in booking a similar tour for your holiday in Slovenia? Then head on over to Altitude Activities and see which one fits you best! I hear ice climbing is really exciting as well!