Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj


October 12th, 2018 | 4 comments

Lake Bled has undoubtly become very popular over the past few years and I was quite surprised at the amount of tourists we saw this year. Then again, it does make sense – the place is like somethig out of a fairytale. But believe it or not, it look me until 2018 to finally hike on top of Ojstrica for the best view of the lake and the church sitting in the middle of it. I was not dissapointed! The hike is just slightly demanding, and more so in the last part. So put on your comfy shoes and get the best views from above.
View from Ojstrica

I always travel with a tripod to get shots which includes both of us. We got quite lucky here to be early enough and that there was only one person there when I was setting up the tripod and took this picture through my Canon app. Just 15 minutes later a wave of tourists arrived and by that time we walked a little further down to take those pictures where I am sitting on the rock.

We decided to walk around the entire lake and I am so happy we did! It was so beautiful and calm as the majority of people were around the boat hire places and the lakeshore for sunbating and swimming.

Lake Bohinj

After around 3-4 hours at Lake Bled, we decided to drive to Lake Bohinj. This is the much less touristy option if you are a big nature & lakes lover. I actually always preferred Lake Bohinj to Bled when I still lived in Slovenia, however I am slowly changing my mind after being on top of Ojstrica. It was a very hot day, so luckily we brought swimsuits and swam in the fresh, clean water at Lake Bohinj.
Ljubljana’s Old Town is perfect for a stroll and in summer I recommend to be there early if you want empty streets for your shots. We arrived around 8am, when the shops are still closed and people are already at work (many start work at 7am in Slovenia).
Another thing about Lake Bohinj is that it has my all time favorit pier. When you drive along the lake, you will see a little church on your left. Park the car there and walk across the street and down to the lake. There you will find the location below.
We spent only a couple of hours there, but we could essentially make it into an all dayer. But we had more important plans afterwards – meeting up with my sister and her husband and having burgers and cocktails in Ljubljana!