October 12th, 2018 | 0 comments

Slovenian coast is quite small, but incredibly beautiful! My favorite of all the small coastal towns is Piran, follwed quite closely by Izola.

I’ve been coming here since I was quite small, but more for a reason since I was 14 and my parents bought a property on the coast where they grow olives and a large array of fruits and vegetables. But I can honestly say that besides olive oil, my favorite on this property is the giant cherry tree. I could pick and eat cherries all day long!

Back to the topic – we went to the seaside with family and made a quick stop in Piran as well. We walked around the tight streets and took some pictures.

My favorite viewpoint is just by St. George’s Church. From up there you can see the town square as well as the shiny blue Adriatic sea.

I’d recommend spending a full day here, and don’t forget to bring a bathing suit – you’ll see many people swimming and sunbathing on the Piran beach. A tip: order an iced coffee at one of the beach cafes, they make it with ice cream and whipped cream and is a perfect chill snack/drink!