Ha Long Bay - Dragon Legend Cruise


October 10th, 2018

Day 1

Our final Vietnamese adventure was booking a luxury cruise through Ha Long and Baitu Long Bay. After some research we decided to choose Indochina Junk’s Dragon Legend II cruise and we chose the 2D1N option.

First we boarded the VIP shuttle from our hotel in Hanoi. Mike wasn’t feeling so well in the morning so this 3 hour ride to Ha Long wasn’t the most pleasant for him, but for me it was great! Comfy seats and 5* service even when on our way to the ship!

The van did make one funny stop though, at this place that sold fountains and different kinds of sculptures? You might notice while in Vietnam that the van/bus stops are always in some sort of collaborations so that tourists would spend money in those places.
After having arrived to Ha Long with the shuttle, we got some water and badges for the ship we are going on and then waited in this giant waiting room to board our ship. The wait was actually quite long (considering they are in charge of the schedule), and about an hour passed when the guide picked us up.
They gave us life vests and showed us the way to the smaller boat which will then take us to the Dragon Legend II for an epic cruise around Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.
We boarded the junk and sat in the reception for an overview of events while sipping on a fresh local ice-tea. What happened next was a thing of absolute joy! Seeing the junk and our room. I am still amazed that this was real!
After we unpacked our things in our swanky new room, we decided to go for a little walk around the ship. I can hostly say I haven’t been surrounded by such beauty on sea before. The rocks, the sun, the light breeze. It was all just so magical.
After an hour or two of sailing and some lunch, we made our first stop – kayaking to a small private beach. I love kayaking and it was so great that Indochina Junk’s Dragon Legend II doesn’t go to the same place as all the other boats. It takes a different path to avoid all the tourists and so you actually get to experience Ha Long Bay/Bai Tu Long Bay in a very peaceful and beautiful way.
After we were done swimming and sunbathing on the tiny private beach, we headed back to the ship for sunset and dinner. It was so beautiful seeing the sun set behind the giant rocks and we really looked forward to see what they have prepared for us!
The tables all set and now came the dinner, as well as plenty of entertainment from the junk staff. We only wish we had been hungrier this evening, because we had quite a few meals to go through, but then again the cocktails did the job quite nicely!

Day 2

We decided to wake up early on the secnd day so we can say helo to the day in a Tai Chi way. Well, Mike did and I ended up just taking some pictures – sunrise was just too gorgeous!
After the Tai Chi session we had some breakfast before heading out to Cong Do area to explore the Thien Canh Son Cave. This was the only place in our Ha Long Bay/Bai Tu Long Bay excursion where we’ve seen lots of tourists. The cave was little and packed! The view from the top was spectacular though.
After the short excursion to the cave, we boarded the ship again and started sailing back towards the bay. I decided to take a bath before we check-out and have lunch.
But the excursion didn’t end there! We made another stop on the way back to Hanoi. The shuttle took us to Yen Duc village in Dong Trieu, where we had were given a water puppet performance by the local artists. Then our two days with Indochina Junk ended, and we arrived back to Hanoi around 5pm. We are still happy to have this trip as our last Vietnam adventure – what a way to end the two week long trip right?!